Is the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse a Sign from YHVH? (Kingdom Road Radio Show 8-18-17)

Shalom everyone! This upcoming solar eclipse has everyone talking and even traveling to see this natural phenomenon. I wanted to share my thoughts about this event and wonder in the heavens, and what it possibly means or doesn’t mean according to scripture . We take a look at the Torah and the Prophets and others sources to find out the significance of this event. May this show be a blessing to all who hear it and please share with us your thoughts.

Hashem YHVH be with you




6 Replies to “Is the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse a Sign from YHVH? (Kingdom Road Radio Show 8-18-17)”

  1. Shalom,
    Indeed it’s time to repent and turn to the most high.
    I’m David Magoye, we’ve been studying with David Muganda and I find these teachings very powerful and helpful to me. How I wish everyone gets a chance to hear this message. Thanks a lot Brother Joseph may Elohim continue blessing you.

    1. Shalom Magoye David! So glad to hear from you. thanks for reaching out. may the truth continue to spread!! May YHVH be with you!!

  2. This is so powerful study!. I learned so much from the scriptures concerning this subject . It is interesting to note that the Torah portion for this week Shoftim Deutoronomy 17 brings out ” that if anyone goes astray by worshiping other gods and bowing down to them, the sun or the moon or any of the heavenly host.., something I never commanded you. If the case was established the offender was suppose to be put to death. It seems that the sun, the moon and the stars are used symbolically, too, many times in the scripture. Can we say that Deut 17 is both literal and symbolic and could mean someone who is coming in with new teachings or laws that lead people astray? Thanks so much for this study!

  3. This is big and powerful our role is well defined lets Repent and turn to our Jehovah Elohim then we can enjoy Psalms 1:1_3. Thanks for the study.

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