Coming out of Hellenism Today

Today’s talk begins with a brief discussion on this weeks Torah portion VA-YESHEV. However the bulk of the study cover the Hellenism of the ancient world that threatened to be the end of Torah keeping and the people of Israel. From this rose a family of Kohenim from Modin, that took it upon themselves to fight for YHVH, for the Torah and the Covenant. These Holy Jewish warriors¬† are known today as the Maccabees.¬† They fought and overcame impossible odds and retook the temple mount and Re-dedicated (chanukah) the Altar of worship and from this we have the celebration of Chanukah!

We look at the continued affect of the Hellenized world over the past 2,000 years . The way the Greek culture impacted, second temple Jewish thought, the New Testament, the rise of Christianity, and more..

Calling on the people of Faith to take the stand for Truth.


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